Tokyo Trip

So I went to Tokyo, Japan! Here is my little blog post about my trip. I have to shout our to my friends Jeremiah and Mio Johnson for inviting me on the trip. Also Mio's parents for letting me stay at their house in Kawasaki Japan! Was super nice of them to let me stay in their house as a guest and experience what it's really like to live in Japan from the eyes of a native. The picture to the right is the whole family.


The First Few Days

My whole vacation was two weeks long with losing two days in travel going from DFW -> Mexico -> Tokyo. My only negative comment on this trip is that sitting in one spot for 14 hours really makes everything hurt. It doesn't help that I get some motion sickness all the time so watching movies or playing games doesn't work for me. How ever, magicly some how on the flight back to Mexico from Japan I did not get sick and watched 5 movies in flight.

I did play the switch for a short while with the controllers in my hand and the switch in kick stand mode on the tray in front of me. I have to say I'm amazed by the device, its doing very well. Speaking of gadgets I also bought the Bose QC35 headphones for the trip, they were super awesome if you don't want to hear anything around you.

First thing I noticed in Japan is how polite and courteous Japanese people are. On the train they will let the elderly or disabled people take their place on the bench. I know this is true for USA as well but its kind of enforced more in Japan and you get the sense that people really make sure the elderly get a spot. Another example I ran into is that if you ask a worker of a store where some something is located they will walk out of their store to show you where it is. Japan is defiantly a nicer and cleaner country than the USA. Speaking of clean... when is the last time you have seen a worker in the US, wipe down a railing on the side of a street? Streets are pretty clean in Japan compared to USA.

Food is amazing and there is no doubt that Japanese people are healthier than Americans and that i'm probably considered obese in Japan. Everything I have had to eat in Japan pretty healthy within reason. I had to hit up a McDonald's and see whats different. Medium drinks are the size of an American small and you can't have a re-fill unless you pay. Ketchup packets are smaller, portions over all are smaller. I found these "rice balls" that are called onigiri. It's rice with something in the middle like BBQ all wrapped in seaweed. Really good!

The family I'm staying with had some some of their close family come visit. We went to a Korean BBQ place down the street where everyone takes off their shoes and goes into a private room. The meat is brought to the table and you cook it your self on a open flame. Was pretty good stuff even though the thought of eating cow tongue and intestines does sound too appetizing to me.


Some Site Seeing

One of the first amazing places I got to check out was the Tsukiji fish market very early in the morning. We got up at 4am in the morning, which by the way, apparently islands with the ocean to the East gets sun earlier than other places. Really confused me at first. Tsukiji fish market is the place to go for fresh off the ocean fish. Theres an auction in the mornings for restaurants and stores to buy fish, you can check out all kinds of merchandise to buy, vegetables, actual sit down restaurants and of course dodge all the little motorized karts taking supplies everywhere.

One day we went to the Landmark Tower located in Yokohama. This thing had the fastest evelator in Japan. At the top you could see all around Tokyo from 70 floors up. Really cool view and could see some ships from the coast as well. There is also some really good shopping in that area. Didn't really buy anything but did find a Pokémon store. Quite a few American stores. I didn't expect as many American stores in Japan. There were a few fancy car dealer ships (Rolls-Royce and Ferrari). This area to me was very "uppity". I feel like that people that are well off with money come here to shop and eat.


I spent about 3 days hiking around in different towns visiting different Buddhist temples and shrines. I even got to participate in one of the ceremony's inside a temple. Was not allowed to take video or pictures inside but it was very cool. Gave my donations and prayed to Buddha I think. Some of the temples were huge with hydrangeas every where. This was by far the coolest part of my Japan trip. 

This kind of sums to my trip. You should definitely check out my album and video I created. Those would give you a better idea of everything I did on the trip. There are a dozen other places that we visited that I have pictures of and video so make sure to check them out!

Video of My Japan Trip